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Gunsmithing Schools Robstown Texas TX

There are no Prerequisites required for this specific Gunsmithing training in Robstown, TX, it includes 13 Instruction Hours and is Self-Paced and is a Length of Twelve (12) Months or less depending on your learning comprehension and time commitment. This is only one of the total of 8 different Gunsmithing courses offered by AGI!

Course  Description In Robstown, TX

In this course, you will quickly learn how to make all these common necessary repairs below. You’ll also learn how to customize and more. This course includes basic hand tools and workbook, "Gunsmithing Made Easy." More than 13 hours of DVD instruction. Learn how to do dozens of common repairs such as:

  • Install a recoil pad
  • Cast a chamber to determine caliber and condition
  • Install a red ramp in a handgun front sight
  • Bed an action using epoxy
  • Repair a broken firing pin
  • Fit new magazines
  • Professionally clean your gun
  • Install sling swivels
  • Repair grips
  • Remove broken screws
  • Remove dents from shotgun barrels
  • Professional scope mounting and collimating
  • Repair damaged .22 LR chambers
  • Repair stocks
  • Cold bluing techniques
  • Legally shorten a shotgun barrel
  • Polish chambers to correct extraction and feeding problems
  • Grind gunsmithing screwdrivers
  • Set up your shop with the tools you really need

Other Gunsmithing Training Courses In Robstown, TX

American Gunsmithing Tools In Robstown, TX

  • Locksmithing

This Locksmithing Course will teach you the A to Z of locksmithing and prepare you to enter a career as a professional locksmith (DOT 709.281-010 – Locksmith) . In our continuing effort to preserve the industrial arts, we have created this course. American Gunsmithing Institute enables you to clearly see and understand all the details unlike ever before. This complete Locksmithing Course consists of 19 hours of detailed, easy-to follow instruction. We cover all types of lock mechanisms and show you how to make keys and pick locks.

  • Machine Shop

After completing this course, the student will have a comprehensive understanding of; Lathe and Milling Machine operation and set-up along with general Machine shop support equipment. They will also understand measurements and speeds commonly used in machining, cutting tool grinding, and blueprint reading. Students will have the knowledge to demonstrate work ready skills. Note: hands-on or on the job training may still be required in Robstown, TX.

  • Welding

The welding student will understand welding safety, and gas welding, TIG, Arc and MIG welding procedures. In addition; Welding in vertical, horizonal and overhead positions, cutting procedures including Plasma Cutting, and Welding symbols for Blueprint reading. Students will have the knowledge to demonstrate work ready skills. Note: hands-on or on the job training may still be required in Robstown, TX.

  • 4 other Gunsmithing Specific Courses

Level I, Level II, Master Gunsmith, Enhanced Master Gunsmith.

AGI Gunsmithing School In Robstown, TX Has Years Of Experience

Every Gunsmithing School in the country has an On-Line training program for every level of Gunsmithing. With AGI You can earn a Certificate in Firearms Technology with eight (8) different courses of study including: Professional Gunsmithing Level I, Professional Gunsmithing Level II, Master Gunsmithing, Enhanced Master Gunsmithing, Practical Gunsmithing, Locksmithing, Machine Shop, and Welding. By the time you complete the AGI Professional Gunsmithing course, you will be able to repair any firearm you come across, even if you don’t recognize the gun. Your training will not only include classic firearms, but newer designs like Glock or SIG. You’ll even receive training on exotic weapons like Mac-10’s, Tech -9’s and Uzis.

Earn A Professional Gunsmithing Certificate In Firearms In Robstown, TX

Gun Club Of America by AGI in Robstown, TX

Gunsmithing program is broken into 8 courses of study. Because of our flexible learning options, students choose to study at whatever time of day works best but will still be able to engage with other online learners and instructors as a part of weekly assignment requirements.


For students looking to hone their gunsmithing skills, learn the techniques needed to operate a gunsmithing business, gain a valuable credential or expand their hobby into a career, Certificate in Firearms Technology – Gunsmithing (formerly titled Advanced Gunsmithing Certificate) program is a great fit. You’ll learn gunsmithing techniques and practices, shooting sports management, and more—you’ll also complete a build of your choice.

Earn Your Enhanced Master Gunsmithing Certificate In Robstown, TX


The American Gunsmithing Institute also offers non-certified courses that carefully demonstrate complete repair and customization of many firearms. Courses offered instruct in disassembly/reassembly, troubleshooting, relining barrels, gun cleaning, and how-to courses covering many different techniques.

Recently, we have created even more new courses, such as Law Enforcement Armorers, Certified Firearms Appraiser, and more.

Other subjects available include courses designed to maximize the precision and performance of shooting and hunting techniques, including but not limited to long range, Cowboy Action, instinctive shooting, and more.

The On-Line Educational Programs Course In Robstown, TX Outlines

The Certificate program in Robstown, TX includes classes on: 

Basic Ballistics, Introduction to Firearms, Gunsmithing Tools Lab, Firearms Inspection and Troubleshooting, Custom Kydex Lab, Firearms Finishes and Engraving, Sights, Optics, and Accuracy, Machining and Manufacturing of Firearms, Shooting Sports Management, Firearms Technology Elective.

Additional Classes include:

The Pistol Caliber Carbine, AR 10 Advanced Armorer, 1911 Advanced Armorer ( Some Classes Require Students must be 21 years of age), AR 15 Advanced Armorer, Developing a Business Plan.

Our program in Robstown, TX is broken down into 8 courses totaling 886 Instructional Hours!Become A Certified AR-15 Riflesmith In Robstown, TX

Basic Ballistics, Advanced Ballistics, Introduction to Firearms, Gunsmithing Tools Lab, Firearms Inspection and Troubleshooting, Custom Kydex Lab, Firearms Finishes and Engraving, Customizing and Woodworking, Stock Refinishing and Metal Work Lab, Hand Checkering Lab, Sights, Optics, and Accuracy, Machining and Manufacturing of Firearms, Shooting Sports Management, Firearms Technology Elective and Genereral Business.

Additional Classes include:

The Pistol Caliber Carbine, AR 10 Advanced Armorer, 1911 Advanced Armorer (Students must be 21 years of age for some courses), AR 15 Advanced Armorer, Developing a Business Plan.

Military And Veteran Student Support In Robstown, TX

Military & Veteran Services assists students in achieving academic, personal, and professional success. We provide advocacy and support for our military-connected students by offering outreach, networking, and personalized assistance. Be shure the check the Veteran boxes on the "Gunsmithing School Request For Information" form below. 

Find Out How You Can Become a Certified Gunsmith In Robstown, TX, Fast and Easily, Without Leaving the Privacy of Your Home. Make Money Part-time, Full-time or as a Retirement Income Doing What You Love!   

Additional Gunsmithing School History

Two decades ago, American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) Founder and President Gene Kelly saw an increased demand for gunsmiths in the firearms industry in Robstown, TX and realized  that there was a growing need to train new gunsmiths on a faster and more efficient basis.

Gun Club Of America,  LogoKelly made it a goal to preserve the art of gunsmithing for future generations and to provide a way for gun enthusiasts in Robstown, TX to pursue their hobbies from the comfort of their own homes through AGI’s course load. 

With over 330 million firearms in this country, at any given time 10 to 20 percent of those are in some need of cleaning, repair or customizing. After WWII, a large crop of new gunsmiths appeared, but now they are retiring or passing away and demand for new,Gene Kelley, Founder AGI young blood in the gunsmith world in Robstown, TX is growing

Gunsmithing Programs Offered In Robstown, TX And Across the Country

Prior to AGI’s founding, gunsmithing programs were only offered in Robstown, TX at a couple of campus based schools and most people could not afford to attend them so the number of gunsmiths continued to decline.

This gave Kelly the idea to found AGI. Using Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap’s teaching methodology, combined with the video techniques developed by AGI, Kelly was able to create a unique teaching method that allowed students to learn at home in Robstown, TX at their own pace. And thus, AGI was born. Since its inception in 1993, AGI has gone on to use this same method to teach people welding, machining, locksmithing and other trade skills. 

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Ammunition for self-defense may be regulated by state law

Ammunition for self-defense may be regulated by state law

Just as important as it is to pick a premium pistol for your self-defense is the choosing of the correct ammo that you will use. Ammo for self-defense has made great strides in quality and performance in its ability to penetrate and create what is commonly known as stopping power.

Self-defense ammo is not necessarily designed to kill the attacker, but rather to stop the combat and prevent them from continuing the confrontation with you or any other citizens who may be present for the confrontation. To achieve this, ammo must have the ability to create such a shock and tissue damage that the attacker instantly stops and surrenders. The stopping or “knockdown power” usually refers to the ability of the ammo to incapacitate the attacker.

Choosing a self-defense ammo is not as easy as simply walking into a Robstown, TX pistol store and making a purchase, there are many premium types of ammo that, although legal in one state, would be a felony to simply possess in another state, so you must know all of the related ammo and gun regulations and regulations in Robstown, TX and the surrounding areas.

This can be a real issue if you leave Robstown, TX and are carrying a concealed pistol or any type of pistol across state lines.

The most common and effective type of concealed handgun self-defense ammo is the “Hollow Point” for both revolvers and semi-auto pistols.

Nearly every manufacturer of ammo now makes highly practiced hollow point ammo for self-defense, each has a slight variation in the design of the ammo and casing coupled with powder, primer, and machining quality to produce exact and high precision ammo.

YouTube is a great source for citizens from Robstown, TX to learn the ballistics and true capabilities of any type of concealed handgun ammo you’re considering for self-defense use. The premium ammo (but not limited to) that a vast majority of practiced self-defense ammo comes in is:

Revolver: .38 Spl +P, .357 Mag, .44 Mag
Auto Pistols: .25 Auto, .32 Auto, .380 Auto, 9mm, .38 Super +P, .40 Cal, 10mm Auto, .357 SIG, and .45 Auto