On-Line Gunsmithing Training Courses In Vernon, TX Completed From Home

Gunsmithing Schools Vernon Texas TX

American Gunsmithing Institute courses in Vernon, TX include the following; Professional Gunsmithing level I, instructional hours 168 and a self paced program designed to go no more than 32 months.

Professional Gunsmithing level II, instructional hours 197 and a self-paced program in Vernon, TX designed to go no more than 34 months.

The next program is the Master Gunsmithing program with 219 instructional hours and a self paced program to last no more than 38 months..

After completing the Master gunsmithing course in Vernon, TX you can move on to the Enhanced Master Gunsmithing course with 219 instructional hours and again a self-paced program not to exceed 38 months.

The next step in the curriculum is the Practical Gunsmithing course with 13 instructional hours and a self-paced program not to exceed 12 months.

AGI Advanced Courses Beyond Traditional Gunsmithing In Vernon, TX

Next is the Locksmithing course which consists of 19 instructional hours and a self-paced program not to exceed 12 months.

Next in line in the curriculum is Machine Shop instruction including 29 instructional hours and a self-paced program not to exceed 12 months.

The final step in the entire curriculum is a course in Welding with 22 hours of instruction and a self-paced program not to exceed 12 months.

Specialty Tuition Programs For Veterans In Vernon, TX

AGI Gunsmithing Courses in Vernon, TX

AGI also has tuition programs specifically tailored for Veterans in Vernon, TX, For those Veterans who may not qualify for Chapter 31 assistance, the dream of becoming a Gunsmith can still be supported with some funding.

A successful gunsmithing operation requires not only gunsmithing skills but also business management skills. Veterans use Post 911 or GI Bill funds to take business management courses to help them organize their gunsmithing enterprise, and they use their own funds to get the educational and technical gunsmithing training they need through the American Gunsmithing Institute. 

The American Gunsmithing Institute works closely with the Veterans Administration through their Chapter 31 Program (Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment). Veterans with a service-connected disability rating of 30% or more often qualify for assistance (assuming the Veteran’s allowance has not already been used for other programs).

American Gunsmithing Institute’s Senior Student Advisor, has worked with the Veterans Administration for several years, and together they have helped hundreds of well-deserving Veterans from all over the United States and in Vernon, TX earn their Professional Gunsmithing Certificate.

AGI Gunsmithing School In Vernon, TX Has Years Of Experience

Every Gunsmithing School in the country has an On-Line training program for every level of Gunsmithing. With AGI You can earn a Certificate in Firearms Technology with eight (8) different courses of study including: Professional Gunsmithing Level I, Professional Gunsmithing Level II, Master Gunsmithing, Enhanced Master Gunsmithing, Practical Gunsmithing, Locksmithing, Machine Shop, and Welding. By the time you complete the AGI Professional Gunsmithing course, you will be able to repair any firearm you come across, even if you don’t recognize the gun. Your training will not only include classic firearms, but newer designs like Glock or SIG. You’ll even receive training on exotic weapons like Mac-10’s, Tech -9’s and Uzis.

Earn A Professional Gunsmithing Certificate In Firearms In Vernon, TX

Gun Club Of America by AGI in Vernon, TX

Gunsmithing program is broken into 8 courses of study. Because of our flexible learning options, students choose to study at whatever time of day works best but will still be able to engage with other online learners and instructors as a part of weekly assignment requirements.


For students looking to hone their gunsmithing skills, learn the techniques needed to operate a gunsmithing business, gain a valuable credential or expand their hobby into a career, Certificate in Firearms Technology – Gunsmithing (formerly titled Advanced Gunsmithing Certificate) program is a great fit. You’ll learn gunsmithing techniques and practices, shooting sports management, and more—you’ll also complete a build of your choice.

Earn Your Enhanced Master Gunsmithing Certificate In Vernon, TX


The American Gunsmithing Institute also offers non-certified courses that carefully demonstrate complete repair and customization of many firearms. Courses offered instruct in disassembly/reassembly, troubleshooting, relining barrels, gun cleaning, and how-to courses covering many different techniques.

Recently, we have created even more new courses, such as Law Enforcement Armorers, Certified Firearms Appraiser, and more.

Other subjects available include courses designed to maximize the precision and performance of shooting and hunting techniques, including but not limited to long range, Cowboy Action, instinctive shooting, and more.

The On-Line Educational Programs Course In Vernon, TX Outlines

The Certificate program in Vernon, TX includes classes on: 

Basic Ballistics, Introduction to Firearms, Gunsmithing Tools Lab, Firearms Inspection and Troubleshooting, Custom Kydex Lab, Firearms Finishes and Engraving, Sights, Optics, and Accuracy, Machining and Manufacturing of Firearms, Shooting Sports Management, Firearms Technology Elective.

Additional Classes include:

The Pistol Caliber Carbine, AR 10 Advanced Armorer, 1911 Advanced Armorer ( Some Classes Require Students must be 21 years of age), AR 15 Advanced Armorer, Developing a Business Plan.

Our program in Vernon, TX is broken down into 8 courses totaling 886 Instructional Hours!Become A Certified AR-15 Riflesmith In Vernon, TX

Basic Ballistics, Advanced Ballistics, Introduction to Firearms, Gunsmithing Tools Lab, Firearms Inspection and Troubleshooting, Custom Kydex Lab, Firearms Finishes and Engraving, Customizing and Woodworking, Stock Refinishing and Metal Work Lab, Hand Checkering Lab, Sights, Optics, and Accuracy, Machining and Manufacturing of Firearms, Shooting Sports Management, Firearms Technology Elective and Genereral Business.

Additional Classes include:

The Pistol Caliber Carbine, AR 10 Advanced Armorer, 1911 Advanced Armorer (Students must be 21 years of age for some courses), AR 15 Advanced Armorer, Developing a Business Plan.

Military And Veteran Student Support In Vernon, TX

Military & Veteran Services assists students in achieving academic, personal, and professional success. We provide advocacy and support for our military-connected students by offering outreach, networking, and personalized assistance. Be shure the check the Veteran boxes on the "Gunsmithing School Request For Information" form below. 

Find Out How You Can Become a Certified Gunsmith In Vernon, TX, Fast and Easily, Without Leaving the Privacy of Your Home. Make Money Part-time, Full-time or as a Retirement Income Doing What You Love!   

Additional Gunsmithing School History

Two decades ago, American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) Founder and President Gene Kelly saw an increased demand for gunsmiths in the firearms industry in Vernon, TX and realized  that there was a growing need to train new gunsmiths on a faster and more efficient basis.

Gun Club Of America,  LogoKelly made it a goal to preserve the art of gunsmithing for future generations and to provide a way for gun enthusiasts in Vernon, TX to pursue their hobbies from the comfort of their own homes through AGI’s course load. 

With over 330 million firearms in this country, at any given time 10 to 20 percent of those are in some need of cleaning, repair or customizing. After WWII, a large crop of new gunsmiths appeared, but now they are retiring or passing away and demand for new,Gene Kelley, Founder AGI young blood in the gunsmith world in Vernon, TX is growing

Gunsmithing Programs Offered In Vernon, TX And Across the Country

Prior to AGI’s founding, gunsmithing programs were only offered in Vernon, TX at a couple of campus based schools and most people could not afford to attend them so the number of gunsmiths continued to decline.

This gave Kelly the idea to found AGI. Using Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap’s teaching methodology, combined with the video techniques developed by AGI, Kelly was able to create a unique teaching method that allowed students to learn at home in Vernon, TX at their own pace. And thus, AGI was born. Since its inception in 1993, AGI has gone on to use this same method to teach people welding, machining, locksmithing and other trade skills. 

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Self-Defense Legal Protection For Both CCW Permit Holders And Constitutional Carry

If you are going to pack a concealed firearm for defend, you need a protection plan for concealed carry.

In today’s litigious society, any resident in the Vernon, TX area that has a CCL, carries a piece constitutionally, carries openly or uses any type of hidden firearm or baton in defend, is at great risk that they will face suit, possibly even criminal prosecution if they use a piece or any piece for defend. Even if the use of deadly force was justified in your mind and possibly even legally justified, court costs are a true reality one must be prepared to endure.

In protecting oneself during suit, whether it be in the civil courts such as a wrongful death lawsuit or a criminal case where you are accused of the use of excessive force or even homicide, court costs in all reality will more than likely be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more, even if found innocent and not guilty! Can you afford $500,000 in legal fees?

If you carry openly or pack a concealed firearm you must have a plan, and with all the various organizations selling different types of protection plans for concealed carry and protection plans for concealed carry, you must do due diligence in your research. Did you know there’s a major difference between protection plans for concealed carry and protection plans for concealed carry? Several of the organizations that sell true protection plans for concealed carry cannot offer their services in all 50 states because of the different goverment policies concerning protection plans for concealed carry whereas organizations that sell protection plans for concealed carry are allowed to sell their programs in every state, this would be exceptionally helpful if you are traveling with a CCL under reciprocity with a neighboring state and then were involved in a defend shooting dispute.

If you’re struggling for your life in the criminal justice system in Vernon, TX, there are going to be out of pocket expenses that can equal or even exceed attorney fees. There will be things such as bail, hiring investigators to help with your case, various experts, pre-trial discovery, just to mention a few of the areas that you need to make sure are covered by the organization that you choose to provide your comprehensive protection plan for concealed carry.

Another major item you must take into consideration when choosing the organization you want to work with is what are their limits of their defense in both personnel assigned to your case and monetary limits. There are actually some organizations that are very limited and others that have no limits, so doing your homework and due diligence in researching the best organization for your needs is of paramount importance.

One organization that we have found with some of, if not the best and most comprehensive coverage in Vernon, TX, is the organization “CCW Safe”.