Handguns For Self-Defense And Concealed Carry In Franklin, TN

Handguns For Self Defense Franklin Tennessee TN

The use of a handgun for self-defense in Franklin, TN is a decision that should not be taken lightly and needs to be researched thoroughly. In doing your research it can be a daunting task at best to find all the answers that you will need.

Colt Delta Elite 10mmOn our website US Precision Defense you can find reviews of various handguns including information on both Revolvers and Automatics, and real world evaluations by our own on-staff professionals on what calibers are best in the self-defense role. We can put you into contact with local firearms instructors and shooting ranges in Franklin, TN where you can get professional training. If your handgun ever needs to be repaired or customized we also can also put you in touch with a local Gun Smith.

You MUST Know All State And Local Laws!

One very important consideration that anyone that possess a handgun for self-defense in Franklin, TN must know is the laws, and yes even the politics of where you live and work. Even if the laws are on the books and are in your favor it still comes down to how local law enforcement and prosecutors intrepid the law that really counts! WE CAN HELP!, Our reciprocity maps show all of every states laws as they pertain to Handguns.

In Franklin, TN you must know the local laws on firearms, the political climate of the prosecutor’s office, and the availably of guns, ammunition, and proper professional training. If you live in a certain states or local jurisdictions you will even need to legally register your handgun. This is where we at US Precision Defense are uniquely qualified to help you in your research. 


  HK  .45cal Glock 19  9mmSmith & Wesson Airweight .38calSig M11 A1 9mm  Smith & Wesson .357

Choosing The Handgun Perfect For You For Self Defense And Concealed Carry

Do you know all the Handgun regulations? You need to! Do you know where you can purchase a quality Handgun, or find a qualified firearms instructor that has the right credentials and city or state licensing? We at US Precision Defense do, we have all the information that you will need.

“God made man, Sam Colt made men equal, but John Browning keeps men free.” Yes, this is a variant of the original quote, but yet, it does ring true!

There is an incredibly wide variety of ~revolver2~s and ~pistol2~s specifically designed for defense. A significant portion, if not nearly all of the models for virtually every a weapon manufacturer that makes a weapon, are either specially designed for concealed carry or can be used for both concealed carry or OC. Everything from a .25 auto ~pistol2~ up to a .44 magnum ~revolver2~ can be used for and or adapted to a defense role as a concealed carry a weapon during a bad dispute.

There is a a weapon for every civilian’s needs in size, ammunition, configuration, magazine extension, and ability to carry undetected. Before making a final determination, it is suggested that you talk to several different permit instructors, and take the opportunity to fire every a weapon you are considering in order to find the one that best fits your hand, your proficiency as a shooter, and your dispute.

Typically, an automatic ~pistol2~ requires more training for all possible firing scenarios than that of a ~revolver2~. This is a result of automatic ~pistol2~s having a longer learning curve, usually due to its functionality of the movement of the slide, sight picture, proper hand placement, and the activation and deactivation of any safeties.

Many prefer the use of a ~revolver2~ as a defense weapon due to its ease of use and high reliability, they virtually never have any ammunition jamming, Also, due to their double action feature, there is significantly less risk of an accidental discharge.

There is a never-ending debate regarding the number of ammunition that a defense weapon holds, and many ~revolver2~ enthusiasts will refer to this quote; “It is not the number of rounds you fire, it is the accuracy of the first shot fired”

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