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Choosing The Right Holster For Concealed Carry

Holsters For Concealed Carry

You've chosen the perfect handgun for your self-defense needs and now you need to decide on the best way to carry it; what works for you, and what is your REAL need? Are you looking at an inside the waistband, outside the waistband, forward draw, and at what angle of draw, Cross draw, is a security holster something you're considering? What about a shoulder holster, what type of clothing are you going to wear with which holster, a lot of questions to be answered. Inside the Waist Band Holster

The types and variety of holsters in recent years has grown exponentially in the options available to you. If it is taking you days, weeks or even months to do your research don't worry, this is very common as a holster is critical in securing your firearm, and providing you the functionality, concealability, and the access you need if you should ever have to draw the firearm in a self-defense scenario.

Ask questions, a lot of them, go to your local sporting goods store and see if they'll let you sample their holsters. It may even be a good idea to go to a local range to talk to other shooters. Some ranges have firearms and Holsters that can be rented, if so see if they have any there that you can try on while drawing and practicing shooting.

Considerations of Choosing a Concealed Carry Holster

It cannot be overstated how important the role of a proper holster plays in carrying a concealed handgun in a secure and safe manner. One pitfall is do not let price be the primary deciding factor as although typically price does mean quality, yet it does not always mean functionality. Remember that your holster is going to be the interface between your firearm and your body; it is without question an extremely vital piece of equipment that must demand careful consideration.

A quality holster used for concealed carry has to strike a compromise balance between the conceal ability of the firearm, accessibility for draw, and comfort for long-term wearing of the holster. A poorly designed holster could cause a myriad of problems including a great deal of personal discomfort, the inability to properly draw your firearm, or even the loss of the retention of your firearm. Remember, that the proper holster in a self-defense situation could potentially even be a life-saving piece of gear, so choose wisely!

How to Pick the Best Holster for Concealed Carry

OWB Outside the Waist Band HolsterWith such a large selection to choose from including the various construction materials, styles, sizes, and even artwork and colors, choosing the right holster can be a daunting task at best. 

Another item to consider is in addition to carrying the firearm in the holster are you going to carry any type of accessories such as a speed loader or spare magazines?

What about your clothing, your clothing will also be an important point to consider on the type of holster you'll be wearing. If you're going to wear an outside the waistband holster in the summertime with a thin T-shirt covering the firearm in reality there's not much concealment there now is there! (Think about an IWB, Inside the Waist Band Holster in this case)

Do not by any means under estimate the extreme importance in carrying your firearm in the right holster, your life could very possibly depend upon it.  

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