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Law Enforcement Ballistic Shields   

The Vector Law Enforcement Shield fills the gap between body armor and larger more cumbersome entry and riot shields.

It is lightweight and mobile NIJ Level III cover. The Vector Shield immediately de-escalates threat by stopping the 1st attack against an officer and allows an officer to then respond per his or her department's SOP while protected behind ballistic cover.

Vector Shield Training For Law EnforcementThe Vector Shield is not designed to be used as a full body shield. It protects the hydraulics of an officer so he or she can move quickly while having his or her head, neck and chest protected behind NIJ Level III ballistic armor. When used in conjunction with a chest plate, the Vector Shield offers the same coverage as a full-sized SWAT Shield at a higher ballistic rating with mobility.

Attention Chiefs of Police, Sheriff's And Law Enforcement Administrators; Call NOW for a Demo!

The Demo is Free and includes basic tactics. The demo will be done via the web or in person depending on the location. A full training session is 4 hours long and is free with the purchase of 10 Vector Shields or more. Call us TODAY for the Free training demo. 


The Shield and its tactics were invented by a Special Forces 18D (Green Beret medic) who was also a West Point combatives instructor and in charge of Steven Seagal's close protection team.

Entry shields are heavy and awkward. You will never get a large entry shield in an attic, around a tight corner, down a narrow hallway, on a bus or plane or deployed at a moment's notice at a felony traffic stop.

The Vector Shield is deployed as a riot, entry, special operations and patrol shield. The tactics are team-specific. This makes the Vector widely used by every type of law enforcement across the United States.

If a fugitive apprehension suspect is firing rounds at an officer, that officer needs mobile cover in front of his or her face. In a riot situation, officers need Level III ballistic protection. When peeking in an attic, a Vector Shield should be placed first.

The tactics for the Vector Shield are based in physics, human anthropological responses and tactical medicine.

This is light-weight, single-arm-secured Level III ballistic armor. It will defeat multi-hit close range 7.62, 5.56 Green Tip, shotgun and all handgun rounds.

A protected officer is in a better state of mind and is able to act in a more controlled manner and is less likely to accidentally shoot civilians. This is especially important around children and in schools. Vector Training helps officers better respond to dangerous situations If a child has what may appear to be an airsoft, but an officer is not sure, this allows the officer to make that distinction in the safest manner possible while protected behind ballistic cover.


An officer protected behind a Vector Shield can often immediately de-escalate a deadly attack from a threat with non-lethal means.

Use of a Vector shield has the option to resort to a less than lethal force option such as a Taser, thus moving down the use of force continuum instead of escalating up to deadly force in many situations. This has been proven to work in documented police reports at the federal, state and local levels. If a threat will not de-escalate, an officer always has the option to respond per his or her department SOP to stay alive. A Vector Shield stops the first attack and it is up to the officer to respond how he or she chooses. In documented police reports where Vector Shields have been deployed by officers, officers consistently choose the least offensive option they have available, thus de-escalating instead of escalating up to deadly force in many situations.




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