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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement In The USA

Is there a systemic racism in law-enforcement?

It is a complete fabricated myth that there is any proof of systemic racism in law enforcement. The whole false narrative of systemic racism in law-enforcement was first put forth during the Obama years in the White House. Each year there is on average 375 million annual police-civilian contacts and by any measurable means Available there is no structural bias in the criminal justice system with regards to arrest and prosecution or sentencing that even suggest any systemic racism. It has been proven by all statistical data that the crime and the suspects behavior not their race has a direct determination on the vast majority of all police actions.

Whenever the radical left or the Democrats make such outlandish claims as systemic racism in law-enforcement they are never able to validate or prove their claims, and it’s only political theater and rhetoric that they spew and not the facts...

What is Law Enforcement in the United States?

The term law-enforcement can encompass police departments, sheriffs departments, court bailiffs, constables, marshals, School police, transit authorities, port authorities, housing authorities, airport police, Harbor police, District attorney office investigators and various federal law-enforcement agencies.

Within the scope of authority in the Law enforcement community functions can include enforcing all city, county, state and federal laws, enforcing the laws by deterring, discovering, rehabilitating and/or punishing people who violate legal statutes.

Why is law enforcement so important?

One very important and fundamental right that US citizens have as clearly stated in the declaration of Independence is the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness! In order to have a safe and functional society there must be laws and if there are laws there must be those that are willing to enforce the laws, American law enforcement officers and agencies. Without the dedication, bravery and hard work put forth by law enforcement officers in the United States every single day our society would degrade and fall apart in a matter of days if there was no one to enforce the laws and to protect citizens from violence and evil!

How many law enforcement officers are there in the United States?

At its highest point there were more than 800,000 sworn law-enforcement officers in the United States, about 12% of that number was females. As of mid-2021 unfortunately that number is starting to drop dramatically because of all of the law Enforcement officers that are either retiring early or resigning their positions due to the political and society unrest brought on by the far left political agendas and the false narratives put forth by organization such as the democratic political party, and Antifa, and Black Lives Matter... these anti-American organizations have created an overt and clear war against law-enforcement.

Since the first recorded police officers death in 1786 there has been more than 22,611 names which are engraved on the walls of the national Law enforcement officers memorial.

In the last 10 years alone over 1800 law enforcement officers have died in the line of duty resulting in an average of almost 200 per year, and in the year 2020 306 law enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty.

The profession of being a law-enforcement officer has always been considered one of the most noble callings in society. Officers from city, county, state and federal agencies are all held in high regard, that is until political ideology and manufactured blatantly false narratives have been forced into public view by unscrupulous organizations and mainstream media.

In the past political differences although at times could be heated were always accepted and worked out by debate and legislative action, but in recent years since around 2008 there’s been a literal war against the law enforcement Community by extreme leftist within the Democratic Party and by those that are openly and actively engaging in acts of insurrection with the goal of fundamentally changing American society. Extreme political groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter, are now openly and without reservation calling for the complete defunding, disbanding of law-enforcement and even physical attacks upon not only law-enforcement officers but now also on their families!

Although the main stream media in this country who are puppets of the extreme leftist and their sick ideologies that are putting forth false information think they have the support of everyone in this country when in fact that in itself is also false!

A much larger silent majority are absolute supporters of all law enforcement officers and their families! Intelligent thoughtful individuals know that they are being spoon-fed false information, the public knows that 99.9 9/10 of every law-enforcement officer is dedicated to the profession and willingly put their lifes on the line every day for those that they are sworn to protect!

US Precision Defense as a company and as individuals have decided its time for us to help not only set the record straight but we also want to provide to the law-enforcement community a place of valuable information and list of resources to help and support the law-enforcement officer, their spouses, and their families!

This is how Law Enforcement Riots

The False Narrative Against Law Enforcement 

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We ask that anyone who reads this article in its entirety to please contact us with anything you feel is inaccurate, that needs to be corrected, or with any information that you would like to share and you think we should post for others to see.

Legal Protection Plans For Active Duty And Retired Officers

The CCW Safe HR218 plan was developed specifically for active, retired, and former law enforcement officers that meet the requirements for the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA), also known as HR218. 

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Self-Defense Equipment For The Individual Officer

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