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Online Dating For Singles Who Love Hunting And Shooting

A Dating Website For Those Who Love The Outdoors!

If you ask any new couple how they met, you can almost bet most of them with say online. A few years ago that answer might have made some people cringe at just the sound or thought of it. These days it's the new normal and standard of dating for the majority of people. While some people feel more old school and nervous to try others are jumping in full steam ahead.

The option of online dating is to bring a community of single together to visit and chat to determine if you have anything in common or share an initial attraction for the person your chatting and community with. If you live in a small community or rural area dating can be equally challenging because you may have limited options of local gatherings to commingle with other single folks. Now that covid is part of our everyday scenarios it makes meeting people in person that much more challenging.

I just signed up. Why haven’t I received a verification email?

For various reasons, emails may not make it to your inbox. Because we send many emails to many different members, there may be a chance the email we sent to you ended up in your spam folder so check there first. In the event that you haven’t received our verification email at all, you can click “resend account verification email” located on the Login page to resend another verification email to yourself.

How do I create a profile?

After signing up, you can follow our on-screen prompt that will take you step by step through creating your profile. If you choose to skip the prompt and want to build your profile later, you can click the “Create Profile” button on the home screen or you can click on the profile picture on the top right of your screen and select “Profile.” For best results, make sure to fill out your profile completely by filling in all information on the profile page, along with your matching questions and match settings. By completing everything mentioned, we will be able to match you better with other members. Other members will also be able to get a better idea of who you are by seeing and reading the content on your profile. This in turn may give you better chances to make a connection.

How do I update my profile?

When you want to update your profile, click on “My Profile” which is located under your profile picture. This brings you to the profile page where you can update your profile.

How do I edit my date of birth?

Go to “My Profile” then click on the “Edit” button on the top right of the Basic Information Box and you should see “Birthday” on the left-hand side of the page which you can edit and or make private.

Why am I being matched with the wrong gender?

You may have accidentally entered some wrong information while filling out your profile. Make sure you set your sexuality setting to the correct option that fits you. You can do this under the “Basic information” tab in your profile. Also look at your match settings to confirm the gender you are seeking. This can be done by going to “settings,” then “match settings,” which will allow you to select and save your preferences.

How do I correct my gender selection?

To correct your gender selection, Go to “My Profile” and then click on the “Edit” button on the top right of the Basic Information Box and you should see “Gender” on the left hand side of the page where you may change it.

How do I change my location?

Go to “My Profile” then simply click on the “Edit” button on the top right of the Basic Information Box and you should see “Country”, “Region”, “City”, “Zip Code” etc. From there you can change the information.

How do I change the amount of notification emails I receive?

From the home page, you can click on the profile picture on the top right of your screen, select “settings”, then click “email settings.” Here you can choose how often you want to receive emails. Then you can click save at the bottom to keep that setting.

What is Ghost mode? What gets hidden and for how long?

Ghost mode is the feature you can use when you want to hide your profile for a while. Let’s say you don’t want to receive messages or visitors for a few days, but you also don’t want to cancel your full subscription. Ghost mode makes it so you can keep your subscription but not have your profile show up in search results and matches. To activate it, go to settings, account settings, then turn it on. You can deactivate it at any time to allow other members to see your profile again. Your profile will remain in ghost mode until you take it off.

How do I deactivate my profile from Hunting4connections?

Go to the “Settings” button under your profile picture on the top of your page. Then Click on “Account Settings”. Here you can go towards the bottom of the page and Click on “Deactivate My Account”. Deactivating your account will end your membership/subscription with H4C. Your profile will no longer be visible to other members and you will no longer receive notification emails. You can always re-activate your account if you would ever like to join us again.

What happens when I deactivate my profile?

Your account will be deactivated on the site. You will no longer match, receive messages, emails, etc. All of your information will be removed from sight. Any recurring billing associated with your account will end and you will not be charged again until you decide to make another purchase. If you have purchased a monthly subscription, you will not lose any of the time you paid for. The subscription will still end on the date it was supposed to. Even though your account is deactivated you can re-activate it and utilize the time you paid for if you choose to. This is helpful in the event that you decide to deactivate your profile but change your mind at some point. All you have to do to get your profile back is log in. Please remember once you log back in, your profile will be reactivated.

How does messaging work on H4C?

Everything to do with messaging can be found by clicking the envelope at the top of the screen that is directly to the left of your profile picture. Clicking the envelope allows you to either click the words “My Messages” or click on a specific message that was sent to you. If you click “My Messages” this will take you to the messages page and place you on a chat screen with the person who most recently messaged you. If you choose to click a specific message after clicking on the envelope it will take you to that specific person's chat screen. To send a message to that person, click inside the box on the bottom of the page that says message, type, and click send/use token. H4C uses a form of instant messaging so you can enjoy real time conversations with other members.

What is a “Wink”?

A Wink is a fun little way to start a connection. Let’s say you see somebody that you find attractive or interesting. If you want to get their attention you can do so by sending a wink. It shows a nonverbal message stating “You look like a person I would like to get to know a little bit.” If they send you a wink back, you know that they are open to a conversation and hopefully the ability to get to know you. Winks are free and fun! So Wink at anyone you like, but make sure you don’t overdo it. You might dry your eyes out.

How do I know that my message has been sent successfully?

While you are on the messages page and you click the “send” or “use token” button, your message should appear above the text box you were just typing in. If it appears there, your message has been sent successfully. Additionally, there is small text located to the left of your sent message that reads “delivered” or “seen”. This indicates whether the message is sitting in the other members inbox or if they have actually seen your message.

What are archived threads?

Archived threads are conversations that you have had with another member that you no longer wish to have displayed upfront on your messages page. You can archive a conversation by first choosing the conversation you wish to archive by clicking on the thread located on the left of the messaging page. Then you can click on the file box located at the top right corner above your messages. This will place the conversation in the archived threads page. The conversation will not be deleted, just removed from your current conversation list.

How do I access archived threads?

You can access archived threads by clicking on the button labeled “Archived threads” that sits below the search box and above your current conversations on the left side of the messaging page. Here you can see all of your archived messaging threads and you can “Unarchive” any of the threads by mimicking the same steps listed in “What are archived threads?”

How to delete a conversation?

You can delete a conversation by clicking the trash can icon located on the top right of the chat screen. This will permanently delete the conversation from your messaging page.

What happens when I block another member?

Blocking a member will stop all means of contact between you and the blocked member. They will be removed from your search and match results along with any other places they may be displayed to you. You will also be removed from their view as well. With that, they will not be able to message, wink, or view your profile. The blocked member will not be notified that you blocked them.

Can I un-block a member that I blocked?

Yes you can. You can do so by clicking “settings” then “blocked members” which will bring you to a list of the people you have blocked. From there you click “Unblock” and that member will go back to the way they were before they were blocked. The member is not notified that you un-blocked them.

How do I upload photos to my profile?

To upload photos, you first have to go to your profile. You can do so by clicking on the profile picture on the top right of your screen and then click “My profile.” At the bottom of the profile page, all you need to do is click the yellow button that reads “Add Photos” which is located to the right of the title words “Photo Album.” From there, you can choose a picture from your photo album within your personal computer files. Click open. After that your photo will be visible on your profile.

How do I delete photos from my photo album?

To delete an uploaded photo, first login to your account, navigate to your profile by clicking on the profile picture on the top right of your screen, then click “My profile.” Now scroll down to your photo album and click on the picture you want deleted. Below the picture, you may click the delete button. You will be asked a second time if you are sure you want to delete your photo. If so, click delete and your photo will be removed from your photo album.

How do I change my profile picture?

First log in to your account, navigate to your profile page by clicking on the profile picture on the top right corner of your screen, click “My profile.” You can change your profile picture by clicking on the photo on the top left of your profile page. A prompt will pop up, click “Change photo.” You will now be able to choose a photo from your personal computer files. You can also change your profile photo by clicking on a picture in your photo library and clicking “Make Profile Picture” at the bottom of the photo.

Why have one or more of my photos disappeared?

Your photos may have been removed by our team if we had found that they didn’t fit our guidelines. Please know that all photos uploaded to the site are subject to review by hunting4connections. Other members have the ability to report photos if they think they should be removed. Members do not have the ability to remove your photos.

What are the differences between Paid and Free memberships?

Free memberships include the ability to create a profile, upload pictures, search members, and receive winks too. Something different about H4C is that we also give our free members the ability to message back Paid members who decided to message them first. This membership allows you to get a feel for the site to see if it’s worth purchasing a subscription.

Paid memberships offer several bonus features. First and foremost, subscribers can send and receive an unlimited amount of messages to other subscribers. They also gain full access to our unique token system which will allow you to message and receive responses from free members. As a subscriber, you even get access to daily matches, viewing the people who saw your profile, seeing what exactly matched you with other members. You will, of course, browse the site ad-free!

What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently we are only accepting Credit and Debit card purchases. We intend to accept more methods of payment in the future. We apologize to those of you who may not use these forms of payment.

After my purchase, how will the charge appear on my card?

If you make a purchase on hunting4connections.com, your statement should show you that a purchase was made to “HUNTING4CONNECTIONS”. Keep in mind, if you click on an ad or an associated link connected to our site and purchase something there, your card will be charged by them and not us.

How does your pricing structure work?

We priced our subscription packages in a way that you actually save a good amount of money the more you commit. $19.97 for one month, $39.97 for 3 months, and $59.97 for 6 months. You can save $19.94 and even $59.85 by purchasing our 3 and 6 month subscriptions compared to paying for a single month at a time.

When purchasing a 3 or 6 month subscription do I still pay monthly?

No, when you purchase a multiple month subscription you pay a single price for the subscription you chose. If you choose to purchase a multiple month subscription and apply for auto renewal, you would still pay a single payment for the duration of each 3 or 6 month subscription which would then be charged again once the 3 or 6 months have concluded.

My card was denied, but i know it works…

Even though your card may be in working order, there are other ways that it may be denied. Simple misspellings or even entering a single incorrect number or letter on the payment page can lead to a denial. If you have problems and don’t know why, you can always just try again.

Is my membership on automatic renewal?

When you purchase a subscription we do NOT force you to sign you up for automatic renewal. If you don’t want your subscription to renew automatically, un-check the box for automatic renewal while you are purchasing your subscription. If you choose automatic renewal, this will automatically purchase the same package you chose when your subscription expires. If you keep the auto renew box UNchecked but want to use our services again, you will just have to go to the subscription page and purchase another monthly package. From here, you again have the choice to turn auto renewals on or off. You can also turn your auto renewal off from the account settings page.

How does H4C keep my card information safe?

Hunting4Connections does not save or store any of your payment information on our site or servers. Once you enter your card information and click purchase, your information is sent directly to a reputable payment processor who uses a secured payment gateway to process your information. This is a standard method used by many other companies so rest assured your information will be safe.

How do I change my credit card info?

For your safety, we do not store your credit card info on Hunting4Connections. This means that the best way to change your payment information is by canceling your recurring billing and then when your subscription expires, purchase a new subscription with your new credit card. Canceling recurring billing doesn’t cut you short from your subscription. All it does is ends the automatic billing of your card.

What’s the best way to see results on Hunting4Connections?

After you sign up, start by filling out your profile completely. Having a full profile with accurate pictures of yourself is the best way to start your experience on H4C. Other members will be able to get a good idea of who you are before they reach out. They can use the information you provide to compare to themselves and make conversation starters. Once you have a complete profile you can start making conversation and seeing what H4C has to offer. The best way to see more results is to increase your distance settings which will allow you to see more profiles.

How can I be more successful with online dating?

Go to the bottom of the website and click on “Blogs”. Then check out some of our tips on being successful with online dating.

Why don’t I have any matches?

You may have your search settings set too strict. Try entering a larger location radius so that you can find more people. Remember that Hunting4Connections is new so it may take some time for us to gain more members on the site.

How can I send you feedback?

We more than anything appreciate your feedback. We want to revolve this site around the people who use it. Find an issue? Want something to be easier? Want something to improve? Idea for a new feature? All suggestions are welcome! You can email us your suggestions anytime at [email protected]

Can Hunting4Connections protect members from the criminal actions of others?

Unfortunately we cannot. We provide a service in hopes to try and create positive connections between our members. With that being said, we do not have control over our members and what they do. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation we encourage you to take the same action you would in any dangerous situation and involve your local law enforcement. We can do our best to monitor customer concerns but only you can take the action you need to stay safe.

Does Hunting4Connections conduct criminal background checks on members?

We do not conduct criminal background checks on our members. If someone is concerning to you, you may email us at [email protected] with your concerns.

For what reasons can a member be banned from Hunting4Connections?

Because there are so many ways someone can act in an inappropriate manner, we use our best judgement to decide whether or not a member has committed a bannable act. Members who are malicious, deceitful, or commit any sort of inappropriate behavior may be subject to a ban. We do not have a set rule book of how to act on this site, but those who for one reason or another do not follow what we believe are basic moral guidelines, may be subject to review. Falsy made accusations are unacceptable and may also lead to being banned. To report a member, email us at [email protected]

How can I report a fake member?

If you have concerns relating to a possible fake user or a user who is using their account for non-related purposes, email us at [email protected]

What are H4C’s view on members sexual preferences, politics, religion, etc?

Whatever your preferences may be, if you enjoy the outdoors or want to find someone who does, we welcome you with open arms to use our site. Members who intentionally bother others about their views may be subject to a ban from the site.

Catfish on H4C?

Impersonating another human being is absolutely unacceptable and will result in being banned. Email us at [email protected] with any suspicions of a catfish.

What if someone complains about me?

The truth is, not all complaints are valid or truthful. We will not ban a member over hearsay. We will review the complaint in an unbiased manner and use our best judgement to decide if a complaint is valid. Not all complaints will result in a ban.

How can I contact H4C for help or questions?

You can email us any questions, concerns, or general feedback you may have by clicking the “Contact Us” tab located at the top right of our landing page. You can also find this link at the bottom of any page on hunting4connections.com. Just fill out the required information, enter your message, prove you are not a robot by answering a quick question and click submit. We will receive your email and try to get back to you within 24 hours.

How can I change/reset my password?

Start by logging in (If you are locked out, see below). Go to the top right of your screen and click on your profile picture, then click on the “Settings” tab. On the left hand side, click the change password option. Enter your current password, then enter your new password and confirm your new password. Hit the change password button and you should be good to go. We currently do not have a limit to the amount of times you can change your password. If you are locked out and can’t access your profile, go to the login page and look for the blue text below “Login” and “resend verification”. Click “Don’t remember your password?” and you will be brought to a page that allows you to enter your email that is associated with your account. Click “reset your password” and we will send you an email allowing you to do just that.

What if my password shows up as incorrect?

Start by making sure that you have entered it correctly. If that still doesn’t work, make sure you don’t have an old browser saved password that is being automatically entered for you. If that isn’t the issue, you can change your password from the login screen. Click “Don’t remember your password?” and follow the on-screen instructions until the issue is resolved.

How do I change the email address associated with my account?

Log into your account. Click on your profile picture and select “Settings.” Click on “Email Settings” and select the tab “Change Email Address.” Then enter your new email in the info box and click “Change.” Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm your new email address.

How do I change my username?

Currently we do not have the ability to change usernames. This may change in the future.

How do I get in touch with customer service?

You can do so by going to the bottom of the page and clicking on the “contact us” tab. Then Fill out the Info given and submit your issue. We currently only offer help in the form of email communication.

What are Tokens?

If you have ever been on a dating site before, you probably know the struggle of trying to contact a member and not getting a response back. The chances are that they didn’t respond because they didn’t have a paid subscription allowing them to message you back. What if they wanted to message you back??? That question is why we created Tokens.

Tokens can be used to allow communication between a subscribed and unsubscribed member. Every paid subscriber gets a balance of free Tokens. That balance goes down by one Token every time they message an unsubscribed member. Spending one Token will allow you to send and receive a message from any unsubscribed member that you message. If they choose to communicate with you, they now have the option to do so.

No more feeling pressured to buy a subscription every time you get a notification, and no more wondering if that person you just messaged is a free member who can’t message you back. If you end up using all your free tokens, you can always purchase more.

How does the Search tab work?

The Search tab allows you to go and set individual preferences for a search. You can search for a specific kind of person instead of H4C matching you based on our compatibility questions. To use it, all you have to do is click “Search” at the top of the screen and fill in the required info below. From there, H4C will list off the people that meet your search criteria.

You can also use the search tab to look for members by their username. On the Search page, to the right of the “Search for matches” tab, you will see the “Search by Username” tab. Here you can type in a specific username and search for a particular person.

What is the Visitors tab?

The Visitor’s tab shows you who has visited your profile. It also shows you which profiles you have checked out as well. This tab is great for seeing who was potentially interested in you and also for remembering anyone you visited in the past.

What is the Favorites tab?

The Favorites tab is for keeping track of the members that you may be communicating with or someone you are interested in getting to know better. It’s good for those times when a profile catches your eye, but you are not available to send a message at the time. All you have to do is click the Favorite button on their profile, and it will display that person under “Favorites.”

Favoriting a member helps you keep them around instead of losing your chance to message them. If you decide you no longer want someone in your Favorites tab you can remove them by clicking the same button that got them there. Favoriting or un-favoriting a member is a private feature. There is no need to worry; you are the only one who can see who’s on your favorites list.

That is why online dating companies, in general, have seen a large jump in new members. More and more people are craving the ability to talk to new people since they can't physically go out and meet them face to face as they normally might do. With all the online dating sites and apps these days it can be hard to decide which one do I choose. Each site and app has something different to offer. Some of them are free and some come with a paid membership option. The choices can be time-consuming to research each one leaving you to feel overwhelmed. Hunting4Connections made it easy for you to decide if it's a good fit for you or not.Hunting 4 Connections! Try It For Free Today!

Dating For Shooters, Hikers, Fishermen, Campers And Outdoor Enthusiast!

All you have to do is ask yourself do I enjoy spending time in the outdoors or would I be open to dating someone who enjoys spending free time in the outdoors. If the answer is yes then you have found the perfect niche dating and friending site for you. It's free to sign up and easy to use. Each new member gets free tokens to start talking for free and automatically gets signed up for a free giveaway. You can expect to see hunting and fishing trips, romantic getaway weekends and so much more. The H4C team created a lot of incentives just for signing up. For more information on this site scroll down and find your state. If you are ready to start connecting sign up at www.hunting4connections.com It's the place to hunt for your connection.

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