Shotguns For Self Defense

Shotguns For Self Defense

 In cities across America crime and the possibility of home invasion is an unfortunate real treat that one needs to be prepared for. One of the best preparations is having a Self-Defense shotgun at the ready.

Shotgun 5The price of a home or Self-Defense shotgun can range from around $200.00 for a standard pump action that can be multi-purpose to over $1,500 for a specialty Shotgun designed for tactical and defensive roles only. Any quality made shotgun can be used in the Self-Defense role within one’s home.

Home Defense Shotguns Have Many Options

Typically with a little searching you will be able to find the optimum Shotgun for your personal and home defense needs, which will usually have a barrel length between 18.5” to 21” with an overall length of 35” to 45”. This size is considered by many for the optimum use within the confines of a residence.  (No Shotgun can be less than 26” in total length which is mandated by Federal firearm standards)  

Your resources may or may not be limited, in either event US Precision Defense is an excellent choice to lean all about Shotguns for Home and Personal Self-Defense use.

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