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State Gun Laws

State Gun Laws General Information  

This State Gun Laws article which is separated into three distinct sections was not written by any attorney or legal representation, and is not specific to any particular jurisdiction or is to be viewed as a legal guide on which to rely upon.  Rather, this state gun laws article is simply a starting point to provide you with some thoughts for consideration in your research for your particular state gun laws or with reciprocity agreements with any other state.

Many times state attorney generals and local attorneys may have different legal interpretation of the law and its actual application under any given circumstance or set of facts, it  is incumbent upon yourself to do a thorough research of any state gun laws where you may be carrying or planning to carry a concealed handgun. When in doubt or if you have a legal questions always get a legal opinion from a licensed attorney that is current on ALL State gun laws in the state that you are considering living in or plan on carrying an open carry or concealed carry handgun.

We Provide State Gun Law Information On All 50 States

In the links below to each of the 50 states we have placed information specific to each individual state in the following areas;

The first section provides information if different permits or registration is needed for firearms or any special notation on ammunition.

The second section is regarding self-defense law review which may be unique to each individual state, in this section it is imperative that you consult with an attorney for a full legal opinion, this is needed as in many states case law can lead to a change in the state statues.

The third section is in regards on how to obtain a concealed carry permit in each individual state and it provides some basic information and links to the individual states website pages where you can learn about the actual application process and cost of obtaining a concealed carry permit, there are also links to specific state gun laws on each states official website.

We Keep You Updated On All State Gun Laws

We update these state gun law pages on a regular basis as laws concerning firearms and concealed carry, ammunition, and reciprocity change frequently. We also welcome input from our readers and any information they have regarding state gun laws or any new information that they may come in contact with. 

Once we verify the validity of any new information and if we feel it is relevant to our website will be happy to post it here!


More On This Article Contains Our "State Gun Laws Matrix"

See the bottom of this page to choose YOUR state for additional information and to view "The Gun Laws Matrix".

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